Autumn Decorating Ideas

Autumn Decorating Ideas for Apartment LivingThe arrival of fall is always something special. That crisp, cool air often brings with it a desire to refresh your apartment home. Mother Nature puts on quite a spectacular show at this time of year, and you can do the same by bringing the outdoors inside for some fresh, fall-inspired decor. Try these ideas to make your home look its best this season.

Turn Over a New Leaf
If you love the flaming colors of autumn trees just before they drop their leaves, try preserving the ones you find by pressing them. Simply place the leaves between two layers of newspaper and cover them with heavy books for a week. You can scatter your flattened leaves under a centerpiece on the dining table or use spray adhesive to mount them onto decorative paper before framing them for a more permanent display.

Add a Little Pumpkin Spice
There’s nothing as cute as a miniature pumpkin to add a little fall flair to your living space. Tiny pumpkins are actually gourds, and these fruits have very tough skins that protect them for months — meaning you can enjoy having little pumpkins around your apartment without worrying about them getting moldy or decaying. Try making a centerpiece with a basket full of mixed gourds, or find five to seven that look alike and arrange them in a row on a shelf or table for a more minimal take on this natural décor.

Go Rustic for Floral Arrangements
Fall flower arrangements are particularly beautiful and often echo the colors you see on the trees: brilliant oranges, deep golds, and fiery reds. Provide an autumnal holder for your bouquets by crafting a rustic vase. Just cut burlap or unbleached muslin into wide strips and wrap them around a Mason jar, tying them in place with a bit of twine. You can also add lace ribbon and other embellishments to dress up your vases with a shabby-chic look.

Change Your Color Palette
For a more permanent change to your overall décor, consider swapping out bright white linens and accessories for ones in richer neutrals in shades of tan, khaki, and brown. In the bathroom, you might consider replacing your shower curtain, towels, and bath mat; place mats and napkins are up for grabs in the kitchen. Likewise, throw pillows and bed linens can also be changed to alter the look for the season. Pack away your summery items until the weather warms up in spring, and enjoy the deep comfort of the fall season with your new items.

With a little creativity, you can transform your apartment into one that’s ready for fall. Happy decorating!