The Only Moving Checklist You'll Ever Need (Infographic)

You’ve found the perfect apartment and the date is set for your move. With some advance planning and these moving tips, you’ll help eliminate some of the stress associated with moving.

Organize and downsize
After all, if there’s less to pack, your move will be easier! There are many options for donations, and many organizations will pick up your items, saving you time and effort. Once you’ve decided what to sell, consider hosting a moving sale – great way to make a few extra dollars!
Create a master file
Being organized can really make a difference. For example, keep all the contact information for the local moving company you’ll use, so it’s easy to find.
Address changes
A simple change of address checklist will be handy, so you can easily track your progress. Also, read our blog post, “Changing your Address when you Move,” for more helpful tips.
Renters’ insurance
You’ll want the peace of mind that renters’ insurance offers, to protect all of your belongings in your new apartment.
Stay connected
There’s no need to be without Internet or TV when you move; plan ahead and contact your providers to establish service in your new apartment.
Final spruce-up
A thorough cleaning and final repairs are a necessary part of saying goodbye to your current home.
Get packing
A little planning with your packing will make it easier when the time comes to unpack. You’ll be able to find the items you need right away, and prioritize when you unpack each box.
With some advance planning, you’ll have more time to enjoy the excitement of getting settled in your new apartment!
Click here to print our moving checklist PDF.