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The Boston, MA, area has intriguing dueling personalities that allow its residents to feel like they are in a small town and a bustling metropolis at the same time. A few other cities project this vibe as well, but Boston perhaps does it best.

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Past, Present and Future
A big contributor to the dualism of Boston is its history. Over hundreds of years, charming neighborhoods and communities have found their groove and carved out singular identities. When you shop, play or dine in one of these areas, you feel like you’re in a cozy small town. Even attending a Red Sox baseball game connects you to the strong history and spirit of the city.

Living in the Area
If you love pets, then good news! There are many pet-friendly apartments for rent. For example, Home Properties offers quite a few homes that feature the patios and grassy spaces that pets (and their owners) love. Many of the communities also have air conditioning, a variety of floor plans and bedroom layouts, pools and fitness centers.

What to Do in Boston
One great thing about Boston is that there is always plenty to do. Even if you're in the mood to get out of town for a day trip or weekend trip, the ferry to Cape Cod awaits, or you could check out the mountains in New Hampshire or Vermont.

Of course, you'll probably be sticking around Boston much of the time. You could explore the Freedom Trail to better understand Boston’s history, or if you’ve done that already, plenty more trails await. They include the Boston HarborWalk and the Emerald Necklace. If music sounds good, there are the Boston Pops and the Boston Symphony to check out.

Cold and snow are all but inevitable in Boston, but you can make that work for you too. In fact, you could take in a play or visit a museum. If you want to go outdoors, the possibilities in the area include walking, sledding, skiing and even frostbite sailing, in which you can pay short-term rates for a sailing trip you’re likely to never forget.

If you are searching for a city that can give you a solid sense of history and belonging while looking to the future, then the Boston, MA, area may be exactly what you need. You can find apartments for rent in communities such as Billerica or Stoughton that are near highways or public transportation into Boston and that are incredibly pet-friendly.