Items to Toss by Age 30

5 Things To Do When Stuck InsideAs people get older, their ideas of freedom change. For example, many teenagers experience freedoms that adults don’t: the freedom to experiment, to challenge boundaries, to live without bill-paying responsibilities. In your 20s, freedom may have meant living away from your parents in your own apartment for the first time, waking up whenever you wanted and eating breakfast whenever, and pursuing hobbies or activities you were passionate about. Now, another decade is looming, and it’s the perfect time to consider tossing the following items for a clean start in your 30s:

1. Bed Sheets
How old are your bed sheets? Can’t remember when you purchased them? Even if they’re not all that bad, it’s time to treat yourself to nice sheets with matching pillowcases. The same goes for towels and linens, too.

2. Furniture
Speaking of matching, it’s probably time to get rid of your second-hand, mismatched furniture and purchase some new furnishings. (But if you want to keep that armchair that is just so comfy, we won’t tell.) Perhaps you know someone who is just moving into their first apartment – check with them to see if they want some items to help furnish their apartment home. It’s better to give items away or donate to charity by recycling rather than just discarding furniture pieces.

3. Household Items
The array of dishes, glassware, and silverware acquired back in your college days should also be on your list to be given away. You’re more settled now, so it’s time for these items to be replaced with new pieces that actually match each other. Also, your new purchases will come in handy for entertaining friends and family.

4. Old Clothes
Clothing styles can age quickly, and the threads in your closet and drawers could be from nine years ago, maybe even from your late teens. Your body and your needs have probably changed too. Ditto with fashion sensibilities; that job interview suit from five years ago may have helped land you a gig but is less impressive now. Rather than tossing the clothes away, though, you can donate them (and many of the items on this list) to second-hand or thrift stores. As you know all too well, people in their 20s love to shop at these places!

5. Wire Hangers
Details matter! That’s why it’s time to get rid of these pesky wire hangers. Sure, only you may see these hangers, but why risk them poking a hole in your new shirt? Why fumble when you don't have to? Celebrate your new (or somewhat new) wardrobe with sleek wooden hangers.

As you approach age 30, you may still feel every bit the kid that you were when you were younger. That’s why there’s nothing on this list about throwing out your old favorite toys. Toys are fun! But old, mismatched items and outdated fashion pieces —  they should go!