Cleaning Checklist for Apartment Living (Infographic)

Thorough cleanings are recommended to be completed twice annually – typically in the spring and the fall. Before starting your cleaning project, check your cupboards and closets to ensure that you have the proper cleaning supplies. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for organizing a thorough cleaning of your apartment home. Don’t feel overwhelmed – tackling each task, one at a time, makes cleaning seem much more manageable!

  • Rotate seasonal clothes.
  • Donate unwanted clothing.
  • Launder all bedding & store heavier pieces.
  • Vacuum & flip your mattress.
  • Organize dresser drawers.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances (large & small), according to manufacturers’ directions.
  • Organize cupboards & drawers.
  • Discard expired food items.
  • Deep clean your tub/shower & grout.
  • Wash or replace shower curtain/liner.
  • Throw out expired health/beauty aids. 
  • Toss or surrender old medications.
  • Clean vacuum itself.
  • Vacuum & deep clean all upholstery and flooring. 
  • Dust blinds, baseboards, light fixtures, & ceiling fans.
  • Wash windows.
  • Wash curtains & area rugs according to their labels.
  • Sweep patio/balcony & clean patio furniture.
  • File important paperwork & toss or shred unwanted papers.
Click here to print our cleaning checklist for apartment living.