Traveler? Here Are Some Tips for Turning Your Souvenirs Into Decor


You just rented a nice new pad in a happening part of town, and you're ready to have a year for the ages. Undoubtedly, you want to invite your friends over, but how can you impress them? Well, since you're quite the traveler, why not turn all those unique souvenirs you bought into decor? Here are some ideas on how to do just that.

Use a Collage to Tell Your Story
Collages showing all the tickets you bought for transportation and attractions are a solid option, and a great way for guests to see your journeys. If you're into collecting currency, why not build a currency collage and hang it on the wall? Visitors will love checking out how money from around the world looks. Other items, such as postcards and small handmade crafts, can easily be turned into a collage as well.

Place It on the Shelf
You've accumulated an impressive amount of trinkets and accessories from your adventures, and it's time to put them on display. Instead on doing something elaborate, simplify. Putting items from places you've visited on your shelf not only looks awesome, it makes for a great conversation starter with guests. Think about it: Your shelf could feature everything from a photo album of Washington D.C. to leather goods from Arizona and wine bottles from Napa Valley.

Make the Coffee Table Shine
From the cool-looking seashell you found in Florida to the model Statue of Liberty you bought in New York City, there are tons of items that you can place on a coffee table or side table. This helps make your living room unique and shows your eclectic tastes and experiences. For a coffee table, natural items are an especially great choice.

Other Ideas
If you like to collect a certain item, like key chains or bells, you can hang them on the wall or place them in a case. For small items, you can showcase them in a jar. Pictures can be framed and hung on the wall as well. Scrapbooks are another option for photos. You can also place travel souvenirs in a basket and use that basket as the centerpiece for a dining table.

Travel souvenirs should not be kept in the closet. They should be on display and can make for great conversations with guests. You don't have to get too complicated when turning your travel souvenirs into decor. Simple ideas, like those mentioned here, work just fine.