Bringing the Garden Inside: 5 Ideas to Make Your Place More Green

bring the garden inside Adding plants to your apartment is a sure way to boost your home's air quality as well as your mood. While you may not have the benefit of a yard or other outdoor space, there are plenty of plants that thrive indoors. Below are five options of easy ways to add some green to your life.

1. Start With Air Plants
Ethereal air plants are a great choice for apartment living. These plants are often sold attached to driftwood or other items, so you can hang them on the wall or leave them on a table or shelf. To water air plants, mist them with one spray of bottled water mixed with a small amount of orchid fertilizer every four-to-five days. Every few weeks, soak these plants for 20-30 minutes to keep them healthy.

2. Add a Succulent Wall Garden
Succulents are hardy plants available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. While they'll look great on your coffee table in a carefully chosen pot, if you're short on space you could try adding a succulent wall garden to your apartment instead. A succulent wall uses a variety of different plants to create a living arrangement that can be hung on the wall like a piece of framed art. While you can purchase a succulent wall, you can also make one yourself using one of the many DIY kits available. Just be prepared to remove your garden from the wall to water it once a week.

3. Go Big and Get a Tree
For a bold statement, add a tree to your apartment. Some, such as the fiddle-leaf fig, are sold specifically for indoor spaces. However, you should be sure that you have enough light in your space -- many indoor trees still need plenty of bright, indirect sunlight to thrive.

4. Try Urban Gardening
If you have a green thumb and love cooking, consider growing plants you can eat. While you can grow most fruits or vegetables in a container, herbs are a popular first choice. To make it even simpler, purchase easy-to-grow starter herb plants, such as chives or parsley, and then transplant them into pots of your choice.

5. Consider Terrariums for a Low Commitment Option
Terrariums are a great choice if you often travel or want a low-maintenance way to add some green to your space. Closed terrariums may only need water every four-to-six months. An open terrarium's water needs depend on the plants inside. Expect to water most plants every week, but desert terrariums may only need water every two-to-three weeks.

While most of these plants are simple to grow, you may have to experiment to get them to thrive in your apartment. Don't be afraid to try different plant locations and watering schedules to help your plants flourish.