Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for KidsSummer vacation and holidays are great, but if the weather turns rainy, you might find yourself with some bored, whiny kids. Luckily, there are plenty of fun activities you can do indoors, and you don’t need tons of space or special supplies to have a good time. Try these activities that are perfect to keep kids happy in your apartment home the next time the weather sends you running for cover:

Cooking Lessons
Kids of all ages love to cook, and odds are good that you have the ingredients for a favorite dish in your pantry already. Older kids can do all the steps themselves and will just need you to guide them through a recipe. For younger children, let them scoop, stir and taste things along the way. Pancakes, cookies, and scrambled eggs are all excellent starter dishes for young chefs.

Pillow Forts
If your kids love to build, channel your budding engineers’ energy into a classic pillow fort. Use cushions from the sofa or dining chairs for the walls and blankets for the ceiling to create a cozy cave. If you have a hallway in your apartment, you can string blankets between doors on opposite sides and hold them in place by shutting the door.

Ultimate Board Games
If your family loves games, breaking out Monopoly on a rainy day is a no-brainer. If your kids need to be convinced, try adding an element of surprise to a classic board game by setting a timer and having players rotate seats — and playing pieces — every 10 minutes. You can also encourage your kids to design their own board game for everyone to play.

Plan a Trip
When all else fails, it’s time to pretend to be somewhere else. Have your kids plan a vacation to a sunny spot using resources like Google maps and tourist websites. You can casually scroll through photos online together, or ask the kids to make a brochure of their research for future reference. You might just find your next vacation spot this way.

The next time it starts to rain on your parade, don’t let it get you down. Try one of these activities to keep your kids engaged and happy indoors, and they might not even notice when the weather changes again.