Five Great Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions


Did you make a New Year's resolution this year? Have you already forgotten about it now that it’s the middle of January? Check out these great apps to help you stay on track this time around.

1. Calorific
Most people get inspired to lose weight or eat more healthfully right after the holidays. If you're ready to change your eating habits, the Calorific app helps you learn to control your portion size by showing you exactly what 200 calories looks like on your plate. The app features gorgeous photography and an easy interface that will have you choosing a plate full of healthy food that will get you more satisfaction out of your calories.

2. Argus
If improving your fitness level is your goal, Argus is the best all-around app to track your progress. It will count the number of steps you take each day, add up the calories you've burned, track your running route, and monitor your heart rate and sleep cycles. The app also allows you to set fitness goals and will track your progress, providing friendly reminders to get you in gear when you feel like slacking off.

3. Mint
Is your New Year's resolution to make a household budget and stick to it? Lots of people find it daunting to figure out their expenses, but Mint makes it easy to track your finances to make sure you can easily pay your rent each month. The app links to all your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans to give you the full picture of where your money is going. It also tracks your spending by category and can alert you when you're about to go over your budget to keep you in the black.

4. Acorns
If you're ready for the next level of financial fitness, beef up your savings and invest with Acorns. This clever app tracks your purchases and rounds them up to the nearest dollar, taking the "spare change" from your account and investing it in the stock market for you in a low-cost ETF. If you thought you didn't have enough money to invest, this is a painless way to get started.

5. Wunderlist
Need help getting organized? Keep your to-do lists at your fingertips on every device you own with Wunderlist. This intuitive app lets you share and update shopping lists with your family, set up reminders for deadlines at work, and sync everything instantaneously. You'll never forget the bread again.

Don't let this year's goals fall by the wayside. With these five great apps, you can stay on track and have the best year ever as you forge great new habits.