Three Ideas to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

apartmentWhen renting an apartment, you'll want to make the space feel cozy and homey. Sometimes that may seem difficult to do; however, there are ways to make an apartment feel like it’s yours. By adding personal mementos, accessories, and furniture, the apartment will become your own personal oasis.

1. Personal Mementos
Hang paintings and personal photographs on the wall, or place photos in decorative frames and scatter them in various areas of the apartment. Throw a quilt or afghan from a family member over the couch or chair. Situate personal mementos like trinkets or collectibles throughout the apartment to remind you of special moments or memories. By adding personal items to the apartment, you will make it feel much more like home.

2. Create Your Own Style with Accessories
Some apartments for rent may have clear guidelines on how much you can change within the apartment. Talk to the property manager first before making any changes to the apartment.

Add drapes, blinds, or sheers to the windows. Drapes provide a dramatic flair, especially when they reach the floor. Decorative rods and flowing drapes in brilliant colors allow you to put your own statement in the whole apartment.

Add decorative pillows to the couch, and set potted plants around the apartment. If you have a balcony, add a small bistro table set or a lounger with a side table stacked with magazines or books.

3. Add Furniture
To feel more like home, you may want to add your own unique style. A traditional bedroom suite you find at an auction or a dining table with chairs that goes on sale at the furniture store can provide that homey feel you’ve been searching for right in your own apartment. Make the kitchen a place to gather by adding bar chairs to an extended countertop.

Make your apartment feel like home by incorporating a few of these tips into your apartment. The more at home you feel in a rental, the more relaxed and comfortable you’ll be with your surroundings.