5 Things To Do When Stuck Inside

5 Things To Do When Stuck InsideWinter seems to bring more than its fair share of bad weather, and being stuck inside due to rain, sleet, snow, or extreme cold can get old pretty fast. Luckily, you don’t have to curl up for a long winter’s nap until the crocuses are up. Instead, try these fun indoor activities to make the most of your leisure time this winter — no matter what the weather:

1. Board Games
Who wants to brave the roads when you can order take-out delivery and gather around the table for a round of competitive gaming? If you think board games are dusty and old-fashioned, try some of the incredibly complex new strategy games on the market, but don’t be surprised if you get a little addicted! Perhaps a theme can be added to your gathering – how about a Winter Cabin Party or a Potluck Supper?!

2. Baking
Looking for a way to warm up your apartment home? Teach yourself to bake a new sweet treat. You’ll feel much cozier when your place is filled with delightful aromas, and there’s no better way to enjoy a snowfall than with a mug of tea and a nice slice of cake.

3. Yoga
Just because you can’t get out of your apartment doesn’t mean you have to quit your exercise routine entirely. Yoga is a great way to stay flexible and strong, and you can work out right in your living room. Try a great yoga app, or borrow some guided DVDs from your local library to try new routines. 

4. Vacation Planning
Winter is the perfect time to hit the Internet and plan your summer trip. You’ll feel warmer just looking at photos of tropical climates, and you can often get great deals if you plan your trip well ahead of time. 

5.  Phone Calls
Can’t remember the last time you spoke to someone on the phone just for fun? In this era of texting, enjoying the sound of a loved one’s voice for a bit can be just the pick-me-up you need on a gloomy day. Curl up on the couch, and start catching up!

If you can’t leave your apartment at some point this winter, don’t mope! Take advantage of the downtime to de-stress and enjoy an activity you wouldn’t normally have time for. You’ll be glad you did!