10 Tricks for Entertaining in an Apartment

entertaining in an apartment When there's a will, there's a way, and plenty of apartment dwellers find creative, practical ways to use their space to entertain for maximum style and fun. Here are 10 tricks to help get the party started.

1. Put Ice in the Sink
Fill your sink with ice, and use that as a beverage cooler instead of bringing in a separate container that will only take up more space.

2. Prepare the Space for Guests
Rearrange your furniture in advance, and use the purpose of the party to guide how you rearrange; for example, you might want to create open space in the middle of your living room. If your bedroom is off limits, you could store what you need in there to create more space elsewhere.

3. Create Some Labels
Label cabinets and cupboards "Get your dishes/glasses here," instead of taking up precious space by keeping them out in the open.

4. Plan Your Party Dishware
Use disposable plates and glassware for easier clean up. Alternatively, use a labeled tub to indicate where guests should put their used plates and utensils.

5. Use Your Vertical Space
Choose vertical options for serving and organization (tiered cake stands, for example) to take advantage of vertical space, which is usually more plentiful than horizontal space.

6. Set up Multiple Drink Tables
Arrange your food and drink tables throughout your apartment, to help traffic flow and encourage guests to mingle.

7. Store Extra Trash Bags
Put a few trash bags beneath the open bag in your kitchen trash. Once the bag is full you can easily tie it off, position the new bag, and take a quick walk to dispose of the filled bag.

8. Add Wall Decor
Decorate with string lights on your walls, since they add fun, color, and atmosphere without using up precious surface and floor space.

9. Prepare for Layers and Accessories
Plan ahead for where you want guests' coats, purses, and the like to go. One possibility is your bedroom.

10. Create Your Own Dining Table
Use your coffee table as a dinner table if you don't have an actual dinner table. Arrange floor pillows around the coffee table for seating, and have your food and drinks set up buffet-style on the kitchen counter.

Entertaining in an apartment can be loads of fun when you get creative. Think about new ways in which to use vertical space, and consider all the inventive ways you can re-purpose items such as cabinets and shelves. And, as always, be considerate of your neighbors when you entertain in your apartment.