Commitment to service 

Founded on a commitment to service, Home Properties truly cares about its residents, striving each day to create apartment communities people love to live in. One way in which we live up to this commitment is through our Home Properties Contact Center.

The teams at each of our apartment communities can’t always answer the phone — they might be showing an apartment, in a meeting, or it could be after hours and they are closed for the day. So what happens if a current or future resident calls during those times? Their call is forwarded to our Contact Center so one of our Home Properties employees can help. We think it’s always better to have a live person, especially one who works for the company, at the other end of the line, instead of an answering service or machine. It’s all part of the great customer service we provide every day!

So what’s important to know about the Home Properties Contact Center?

Here are a few key facts:
  • In addition to answering phone calls, they respond to email inquiries, and provide our live web chat service.
  • The team consists of 19 people and they are located in Rochester, NY, at Home Properties’ headquarters.
  • Home Properties’ Contact Center provides support in both English and Spanish.
  • The Contact Center operates 365 days a year – yes, even Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  • Since taking their first phone call in November 2001, the Contact Center has answered over 4.1 million phone calls. That’s amazing!